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The Lifestyle of a Work Camper ...

The Lifestyle of a Work Camper ...
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Greetings, are you a work camper, park host or would you like to just find out more about this lifestyle? I hope you will find these pages helpful and informative. My husband and I are full-time RVers who are also work campers. We have done a lot of research into this lifestyle, both from the standpoint of living in a recreational vehicle full-time to what kinds of job are available to work campers. We have always enjoyed camping and have been RVers since the early 1970's. We have owned or had access to every kind of RV, having started out with a camping trailer as they were called back in those days. Soon we acquired a boat which meant we could go fishing or camping but we did not want to tow both at the same time. To make a long story short, it was now time to buy a new RV that could tow the boat... Most of our camping and traveling has been around fishing. We have our favorite lakes but sometimes you hear about a new spot you want to try. Beside camping, we like to travel to interesting places, such as National Parks. There are so many National Parks that we might not ever get to see them all. While traveling to National Parks, we like to visit State Parks. Beside offering a great camping experience they each have something unique to offer. If you haven't already found it out, this is an addictive lifestyle! I am not sure which is more addictive - the camping or the traveling! It started out as a weekend thing, then progressed to a week, twice a year. Then every holiday or three day weekend. Soon we were taking two weeks, but just once a year. At the end of two weeks we did not want to come home... OK, so now you know how it started.


My husband and I have been married for 33 years. My husband  tended the lighthouses shown on some of these pages. We started camping in 1971 and have owned and operated several recreational vehicles. We live full-time in an RV and are work campers

One last thing that I must say, there are a lot of rewards possible in this type of lifestyle, but there are drawbacks. When you begin telling your friends, family and coworkers about your plans, they are not going to understand. We found that the ones that were positive and supportive lacked compassion so there is always a feeling of isolation. But one consulation is that you will meet a lot of new people, other full-timers and work campers, and there will be life long friendships that will develop.

So if you are considering workamping, I hope the information on this website will help you. You will find links to other pages that will help you with your search.

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